Vol. 5 No. 4 (2021)

Investigating the Impact of Computer Assisted Learning on the Student’s Achievement

Published 2021-12-23


With the use of computers, teachers have access to a wealth of resources and media formats that make education more engaging and effective. As such, it provides an analysis of the significance of computer-assisted learning in the modern period. The term "computer-aided education" refers to the use of computers and related technology to enhance the learning process. Instructors employing computer-based platforms, and their applications to teaching, such smart classrooms, videos, and web tutoring, with enhanced resources and decreased teacher workloads does not imply that online learning will eventually replace traditional education and teachers. The primary purpose of this research is to compare the outcomes of experimental and control group students majoring in educational statistics while using different forms of computer-assisted learning. The findings indicated that the distinction lies with the experimental group.