Vol. 5 No. 4 (2021)

Role of Authentication and Encryption in Safeguarding Digital Medical Images

Published 2021-12-23


The authentication and encryption of digital medical pictures are essential parts of healthcare data security because they protect the images' integrity, validity, and secrecy. Data security is not the only motivating factor for the widespread use of authentication and encryption methods for medical images. HIPAA and the General Data Protection Regulation are two examples of legal and regulatory frameworks that require extensive data protection safeguards, which in turn require healthcare organizations to adopt severe security standards. The development of an AI-based system for autonomous illness prediction from medical pictures is underway, and several techniques are being employed to enhance and create higher-quality images. These pictures are encrypted, and some may also be watermarked for added protection. Since AI models primarily rely on the legitimacy of input data, the growing use of AI and ML in medical picture analysis highlights the significance of data integrity.