Vol. 5 No. 4 (2021)

Psychological Comparative Analysis on Anxiety, Depression and Stress with Special Reference to Diabetic Patients of Chennai City & Rural Adjacent Area

Published 2021-12-23


  • Psychological, Diabetic, Patients, Chennai, Rural


The main objectives of the research were to psychological comparative analysis on anxiety, depression and stress among diabetic patients of Chennai City & Rural Adjacent Area. The aim of present investigation was to study the effect of Gender, locality and Age on Anxiety, Stress and Depression among Type 2 diabetic patients. For the present research, work researcher has selected 320 diabetic patients (Type-II) age range between 30 to 65 years with the help of purposive random sampling techniques. The present investigation was carried out to examine the effect of some demographic variables like Gender, Locality and Age on the Anxiety. Depression and stress level of diabetic patients. The present study was conducted on the sample of 320 individuals with diabetes type-II, tested to measure the level of anxiety, depression and stress with the help of Anxiety, Depression and Stress Scale. For the fulfillment of research objectives certain null hypotheses were framed and tested from the collected and analyzed data by ANOVA. The analysis and interpretation of data is a task which requires patience, hard work as well as logical thinking. As far as the role of Gender, Locality and Age are concerned with the level of anxiety, depression and stress among diabetic patients, it has been noticed that all the three dependent variables i.e., anxiety, depression and stress influenced by independent variable gender and age, whereas second independent variable locality has influence on only anxiety.