Vol. 5 No. 3 (2021)

Comparative Analysis of the “Starry Nights” and “Boburnoma” is a Factor for Determining the Writer's Artistic Skills

Published 2021-11-28


The authors themselves are active participants in the historical events described in the memoirs. That is why such works are not only within the framework of historical memoirs, but also have artistic features.Because the art in such works is based on historicity, they are also dominated by a realistic style of depiction.In this sense, “Boburnoma” is a work of art memoirs. “Starry Nights (Yulduzlitunlar)” is a pure work of art, a historical novel. "When I wrote a modern work, the life I had in front of me gave me so much, and when I wrote a historical work, the Boburnoma and the Humoyunnoma gave me so much,” writer says.