Vol. 5 No. 3 (2021)

Investigation Results Carried Out on the Base of the Parameters of the Combined Aggregate Furrow Maker

Published 2021-11-18


The fields freed from the cotton harvest by the technology directed to minimal soil processing in germinating cotton and the combined aggregate which accomplishes it are not plowed in autumn and the furrows of irrigated beds are softened and fertilized. In these softened and fertilized  beds new beds are formed for sowing cotton seeds in the following year.  This article is focused on the investigation results carried out on base of the parameters of combined aggregate furrow maker. Due to the gained result it was determined that when the width of the interspaces between rows are 90 cm the entrance corner of furrow makers in the soil must be 10,7-13,2 cm and the distance of settlement along the softener must be at least 0,578 m in order to make 26-30 cm high beds.