Vol. 2 No. 3 (2018)

Changing and Challenging Role of Hrmduring Recession: A Case Study of Manufacturing Sector in North Karnataka

Published 2021-09-11


The global financial crisis and the great recession have triggered tremendous economic and social mutilation across the world.  Every single nation in the world had faced the impact of recession in the form of fall in the sale of luxury products, worst performance of share market, huge loss in entertainment sector, decrease in spending of customers affected tourism and other sectors, shutdown of factories and layoffs etc. Hence, recession has also created an unstable condition in the manufacturing sector   and forced many industries to take a fresh look at their upcoming strategies. Thus, the issue which this study addresses is the role of HRM professionals during recession and strategies adopted by them to face the challenges posed by recession. The study also high lights the impact of economic recession on HRM practices and suggest innovative HRM practices to face the recession.