Vol. 5 No. 2 (2021)

The Role of SHGs in Empowering Tribal Women in Odisha

Published 2021-08-23


  • Women Empowerment, Self Help Group, Economic Development, Social and psychological well-being.


Women make up half of the workforce. They've been recognised as important drivers of sustainable development, and women's equality is at the heart of a more comprehensive approach to destabilising new, sustainable patterns and processes. Women's roles as entrepreneurs have grown more important in national development plans and objectives. Women's contributions and roles in the home and economic growth and social change are critical. However, in India, macroeconomic policies and measures trickle-down effects have failed to  address  the issue of  gender  disparity.  Women  have historically  been  the most vulnerable  sections of  society,  accounting  for  a  sizable  portion  of  the  poor.  Women, particularly those from indigenous communities, suffer gender-specific obstacles to education, health,  and work. Women's empowerment is critical to  the community's socio-economic growth; therefore, integrating women into the national development process has been a top priority for the government. In this context, the present study has made an attempt to highlight the impact of Self -Help Groups on tribal women and their empowerment in the state of Odisha.