Vol. 5 No. 1 (2021)

The Trend Of Non-Communicable And Cardio-Vascular Diseases Mortality In India

Published 2021-07-13


“Health for All” is a cherished goal of all governments the world over. Good well-being is a fundamental pre-essential which contributes altogether both to the development in labour efficiency and human asset advancement. Cardio-vascular Diseases (CVD) tends to be the world’s leading cause of mortality, although there are major differences among rich and poor countries. The goal of this paper is to analyse the percentage contribution of the 8 major cause’s categories of mortality in the period 2000 to 2018 and the trend of Non-communicable Diseases (NCD) and CVD mortality rates in India. Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variance and Disparity Ratio tools are used by the researcher to anlyse the year- wise fluctuations in CVD related mortality. Diseases in pulmonary circulation as well as other types of CVD and ischemic heart disease are the leading causes of mortality. CVD is the major cause of morbidity and death in India and also contributes to a huge economic problem. It has been determined that the return on investment for services encouraging healthier lifestyles and preventing, treating and managing Congenital heart defects CHD in India is cost-effective. There is an urgent need for primordial, primary and secondary preventive methods to be established.