Vol. 5 No. 1 (2021)

A Study On Consumer Behaviour In Online Shopping – An Economic Analysis With Special Reference To Chennai City

Published 2021-03-27


The current appraisal has been begun with the objective of monetary focuses assessment on online shopping and its pixie show of socio-cash related issue factors on buying conduct. The standard fights of the assessment the client direct and care and satisfaction. This assessment in addition helps with reviewing the limitation of web shopping region to attract and hold the customer, to evaluations the buying conduct and to explore the reasons why potential customers don't maintain electronic shopping. The examination theory was exploratory and expressive. In the evaluation the model relied on purposive, judgment and solace investigating. The assessment is in favor that there is a socio-social environment in the purchase dynamic correspondence. Consequently the current evaluation works with the affiliations they should focus in on these viewpoints to attract the customers towards electronic-shopping.