Vol. 5 No. 1 (2021)

A Study On Individual Investor Behavior In Kancheepuram District

Published 2021-03-27


The Retail Monetary supporters direct on Worth Proposals to covers the most loosened up possible extent of monetary patron characteristics, necessities, needs and limits. They are heterogeneous, differentiating in age, family conditions, source and proportion of pay, plenitude position, space of home, security consideration and evaluation recurrence, every individual has his or own endeavor goals, peril flexibility and set of necessities. The essential spaces of stress to individuals and to wander specialists trying to serve retail monetary supporters should include: understanding retail monetary patrons how to develop and build up associations; defining hypothesis objectives, managing the game plan of monetary benefactors; Assembling the theory firm to offer incredible help of hypothesis; the more broad issues of money related expecting solitary monetary sponsor and promoting for Particular Monetary supporters.