Vol. 5 No. 1 (2021)

A Paradigm Shift From Patriarchy to Equality: An Ecofeminist Perspective

Published 2021-03-31


Patriarchy is the paradigm which gives power to the man. It refers to a system where men have authority over women, children and property. As an institution of male rule and privilege, patriarchy is dependent on female subordination. This is the narrower sense of the term patriarchy. But if we consider the matter broadly, we can see that the concept 'patriarchy' is fuelled by many other social theories like capitalism, colonialism etc. The sole motive of all these are oppression and domination of the 'other'. Now what other implies here is a crucial question. Other is here implies "other than male". So other implies women, natural things, animals etc. Ecofeminism is a concept which comes forward to shift these paradigms of brutal patriarchy and work for the liberation of both natural things and beings and women at the same time. In this paper an attempt has been made to show how women and other are oppressed by the patriarchal system in detail. Here, language inequalities, religious inequalities faced by women are also stated. Biological differences should be respected, but apart from biological differences other differences that are made by the patriarchy is intolerable. Various Ecofeminists’ positions are also citing in the paper related to patriarchy. But rejecting patriarchy does not imply embracing matriarchy, is also comes under the ambit of discussion. How this patriarchal system of violence can be shifted to equality of all respect, from the view point of Ecofeminists' is the main touchstone of this paper.