Vol. 5 No. 1 (2021)

Rights of Women in the Vedic Age with Special Reference to the Ṛgvedasaṁhitā

Published 2021-03-31


            In the age of the Ṛgveda, the women were in high status in the society. They enjoyed a respectable position in society. In the days of the Ṛgveda, women are seen to have enjoyed greater freedom and equality. In Indian society, women took peculiar position from ancient time. From the Vedic mantras specially the Ṛgveda, we can know that image of women were too much high in pre-historic time. The participation of women in any excellent work of society were inevitable. Women are sentimental. There is no medicine as women or wife for the sickor suffering person. Man has no friend or help as equal as wife.Women are that who gives nutrition. Women are described as adorable in the Veda and smṛti literature. In the world, women are manager of his house. Their area of activity is not restricted within house. Right the very term denotes what a person deserves in a society. In every group of people the right of women defines status of women. The present paper is unique because it attempts to look into rights of women in the Vedic age with special reference to the Ṛgvedasaṁhitā.